Why are we different?

We offer a range of products that address the functionality, data access and licensing needs of users across the scientific and professional information community.

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Frequently asked questions

What limitations are there on SureChemOpen?

SureChemOpen access and functionality is designed to support occasional users needing basic patent chemistry access. It does not offer data export, advanced patent search features or unlimited search. We use anonymised query data to improve the user experience and highlight top queries and searches. We will never reveal your personal data. Click here for a full comparison of SureChemOpen with our licensed products.

What is a Digital Science Auth account?

SureChem is a product from Digital Science, a new scientific software business unit of Macmillan Publishers. In addition to SureChem, Digital Science offers a range of other web-based products, all of which will be accessible through a single Digital Science Auth user account. As these other products become available, you will be able to login in one place and select which product you wish to access.

Where can I find out about new features, data releases and events?

We will be launching a SureChem blog and Twitter feed in the coming weeks. Here we will post on SureChem product development, text mining, patent searching, life sciences research, related technology trends, and the occasional rant on some of the sticky problems we deal with in this wonderful world of patents and chemistry.

What kind of support do you offer?

SureChemPro and SureChemDirect customers will enjoy dedicated email and telephone support. SureChemOpen users can consult our help documentation, and send feedback.

How do I upgrade to SureChemPro?

Once SureChemPro becomes available you can simply subscribe using your credit card, or contact one of our sales team. Annual subscriptions will be $2,400 and monthly subscriptions $300.

How does your coverage compare to patents that have been manually annotated?

Good question! Some chemical names and images in patents are corrupted by errors from optical character recognition, document formatting, or intentional obsfucation. We've developed technologies to fix these errors, but we still may be unable to generate structures for some names or images. However, we generally still capture some claimed chemistry even in badly mangled documents. So we've added targeted manual curation of "worst offender" patents to our data generation pipeline. This means our coverage will continue to improve, and of course, our automated approach means we index all the chemistry in a patent, not just that dictated by editorial policies or the limits of human editing.

Why should I sign up?


We index chemistry faster

We publish chemistry within 24 hours of patents being issued, meaning you get access to data in real time.


We annotate everything

We cover the full text of patent documents as well as images when available.


We're accessible to everyone

Whether you're using SureChemOpen or our powerful licensed products, we deliver data the way you need it, at a price you can afford.

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