SureChemDirect - API

A powerful patent chemistry pipeline - Available via native API and Accelrys Pipeline Pilot package

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Enterprise users need a solution that provides easy extraction of large volumes of chemistry from patents, eliminates the lag time between publication of patents and chemisty indexing and gives them the ability to merge it into existing applications - including Pipeline Pilot - and databases. SureChemDirect is an API-based product that lets you easily plug patent chemistry into your organisation's research workflow.

Easily add batch patent chemistry access to any internal workflows or databases
API demoEnter a patent number to view its annotated contents Our patent number format
Direct access to chemistry & full text patent data
Data and search hosted on SureChem AWS instance

Dedicated AWS instances available

Secure with HTTPS 128-bit encryption

Next day indexing of chemistry
Integration with internal databases and workflow tools (SharePoint, Seurat, SpotFire etc)
Rapid deployment using native REST interface or Accelrys Pipeline Pilot™ package
Designed for automation of complex batch search and chemistry and full text data export

If you'd like an evaluation license for SureChemDirect - API, get in touch and we'll be happy to help

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